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Ben Shapiro Saying It’s a “You Problem” If You Work Two Jobs Is Peak Privilege

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I had to listen to Ben Shapiro. Please feel bad for me.

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The video in question has Ben Shapiro saying that it is “not true” that the majority of Americans are working two jobs or more (Shapiro is wrong; that is true), and asserts that it is a you problem for accepting a job that doesn’t pay enough.

Here is why, to me, this is peak privilege: In Shapiro’s dream world, you have the luxury of turning down a job that doesn’t offer you enough money. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, frantic to make ends meet. So, if we’re offered any source of income, we have to take it in order to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Personally, I was working four jobs at one point and still struggling with my debt because that’s the way the economy currently is, but in the privileged world of Shapiro, job-seekers have the luxury of waiting until a well-paying job comes along.

Don’t worry, though. Benny was also working 10 jobs.

That doesn’t mean his statement isn’t misguided or privileged. Not everyone working multiple jobs is in the same situation for the same reasons. Twitter tearing Ben Shapiro apart is also a delight, because Shapiro loves to keep digging himself into a hole while trying to justify his awful statements.

Bottom line: Ben Shapiro continues to be a spoiled little brat, and this is just further proof that he’s the worst.

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