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Behind the Scenes Look at Melanie Scrofano Directing Wynonna Earp Season Four. WCW Alert.

Yeah, I know it's Thursday. Whatever.

Wynonna Earp has been saved, but we’re still waiting for her and the entire gang to make a full return to our television screens. In the meantime, a new behind-the-scenes video shows star Melanie Scrofano, my WCW and yours, talking about what it was like for her to go behind the camera and direct one of the 12 new episodes airing later this year.

TV Guide points out that, sadly, we still don’t have a premiere date, but content like this, showing the women of the show coming together and supporting each other, is a lovely reminder of why people are so drawn to Wynonna Earp and its characters. Scrofano, who I absolutely respect for slouching during the interview, expresses how glad she felt to get such overwhelming support from her co-workers and team:

I’ve never felt so supported by people. But I’ve also never trusted myself more. I really thought I’d be scared — and I was — but it was like, well this could go either way: I could be scared and really fall on my face or I could be scared and trust myself and just do it. And that’s what happened. It was really fun to be able to tell the story of Wynonna and of these characters from a female perspective.

One of my favorite things about long-running television shows is that they often give actors an opportunity to go behind the camera and nurture those kinds of abilities. At this point, Wynonna isn’t just a character for Scrofano; it’s a part of her acting muscle and it gives her an insight into the universe that’s different. She can also come into directing as someone who has worked with these actors, knows their range, knows what they can give, and can, therefore, talk to them on multiple levels.

Watching this featurette just reminded me of how much I miss this show and how long it’s been since the finale. Season three ended back in 2018; that’s two years of Donald Trump ago—so, basically forever. Yet, with the fan response, involvement, and loyalty, it hardly feels as if the show was ever far from the fandom’s heart and mind.

The return of this show, as well as One Day at a Time, is truly a testament to how queer fandom is super powerful at getting things done, despite it being deeply frustrating that a lot of these production companies don’t take these shows seriously, but that is another rant for another day. We are getting a fourth season, and it’s coming soon.

I’m ready to see how Wynonna gets her town, sister, and baby daddy back from the Garden of Eden.

(via TV Guide)

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