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Rejoice, For Bee and Puppycat Is Getting a Comic Book Series

I will scream SO LOUD and then totally lose my marbles.


Bee and Puppycat is an adorable Magical Girl homage web series that’s currently in production after getting funding from the most successful animation-based Kickstarter campaign in history — and now, it’s coming to your comic book shelves, too.

If you haven’t seen the original ten minutes of Bee and Puppycat that first took the Internet by storm then that’s okay, but you also need to watch it as soon as possible because you are missing out. Educate yourself thusly:

The comic book series is being produced by Boom! Studios, who also did the licensed comics for Planet of the ApesRise of the Planet of the ApesEureka, and Farscape. Issue #1 hits stores on May 14th and is being co-written by Garrett Jackson and series creator Natasha Allegri, with covers from Allegri herself (above), Zac Gorman, Coleman Engle, and Becky Dreistadt. Check the rest out below:


Becky Dreistadt


Coleman Engle


Zac Gorman

Obviously we are super pumped for this and can’t wait to see how Bee and Puppycat make the jump over to comics. Hopefully this means that it won’t be long until the actual show premieres, too!

(via Boom! Studios)

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