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Watch The Trailer For The Luther One-Night Special Event

"Luther is my Bond." - Idris Elba

John Luther is back, baby–and now we’ve got the trailer to salivate over until premiere night.

We already knew that while Idris Elba was slated to return as the titular detective in Luther, it wasn’t going to be a full season–no, we’re only getting a one-night-only television event, but it’s going to be jam-packed with special guest stars like Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie.

At a recent Q&A and special early screening of the special, Elba was on-hand to answer some press questions about working on the show (the dark content of Luther, he said, was enough to deter him from wanting to shoot an entire season) to his releasing an album of songs inspired by Luther–which will be out on iTunes on December 15th.

Oh, and in case you weren’t sure–Idris Elba knows that the Internet wants him to play James Bond. His response? “Luther is my Bond.” Which isn’t really an answer one way or another, and he’s also stated before that he doesn’t doubt the power of fans to make something happen, so… maybe we shouldn’t be ruling it out yet?

The only bummer about the Luther special is its air date: December 17th at 9 p.m. EST. But we would highly recommend DVR’ing this if you’re going to be in line for a certain film on that date–Luther is one of those shows that you definitely want to watch at some point in your life.

(via Nerdist, image via YouTube)

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