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Baumgartner Restorations Is the Only Kind of ASMR You Need in Your Life

Two words: Washi kozo.

Julian from Baumgartner Restoration.

Baumgartner Restoration is the only kind of ASMR you need in your life. Or maybe it’s the only ASMR I need in my life. Point being, ASMR has always weirded me out. Instead of sending tingly feelings of goodness down my spine, it would freak me out and leave me feeling like there were things crawling all over me. Weird, but true. And it took trial, error, and loads of patience to find something that worked for me. Enter Julian from Baumgartner Restoration.

Julian Agass is a second-generation restoration artist and owner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration. This Chicago-based conservation studio prides itself in altering the artwork they’re restoring as little as possible “with respect to the original intention of the artist.” They only use the finest materials, techniques, and pride themselves in being a small and intimate studio. Why? So every piece of art can get the love and attention that they deserve.

The YouTube channel that spawned under Julian’s leadership has been a delight to over 1 million subscribers. His calm voice guides you through everything that he’s doing and shows you that patience is the name of the game. He also gets a little sassy sometimes when bringing up the last conservator who worked on the piece he’s currently working on, leading to some of the best comment sections I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Combine that with the multiple cameras and high quality microphones, and you’ve got restorations that feel intimate and educational.

But my favorite part of all of this is when Julian breaks the fourth wall. All of his videos have him explaining what’s happening via voiceover. But sometimes, he breaks that and speaks directly to the audience or the version of himself that’s narrating. It shouldn’t be so funny but it is and it adds a little something extra to why I love these ASMR restoration videos from Baumgartner Restoration.

(image: Baumgartner Restoration Youtube)

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