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Battlestar Galactica: The Ride

Yes, THE RIDE.  It opens this week at Universal Studios: Singapore as part of “Sci-Fi City.

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Here’s Universal’s description of the BSG rollercoaster:

Engage in the ultimate inter-galactic battle between good and evil on the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters. Themed after the hit television series Battlestar GalacticaTM, the attraction asks riders to choose a side – Human or Cylon – and then experience intense aerial combat between two spacecraft.

The Cylon Raider is a suspended roller coaster that will turn your world upside down as it runs through vertical loops, cork screws and cobra rolls. The Human Viper Mark II is a seated roller coaster that zooms at 90km/h and propels you fourteen storeys into the air while pursuing the enemy. Riders on both coasters will experience unbelievable thrills as they twist, turn & narrowly avoid collision.

Check out this video of a test run of the ride, featuring identical cylons dummies as test riders.  Looks terrifying fun, huh?

Based on the spiraling, near-collision design of the ride, looks like regardless of whether you choose Human or Cylon, you’ll have the chance to puke on the other side as you narrowly pass them by.

Did I mention how this is in Singapore?  Womp womp.

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