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Batman vs. Superman Gains Three Cast Members in One Go


According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has added Zero Dark Thirty, The Wolverine, and The Incredibles stars to the lineup of its as-yet-untitled movie known as Batman vs. Superman. Yes, I’m going to keep pointing out that the movie doesn’t have a title yet until Warner Bros. gets off its butt and gives it one. Maybe at San Diego Comic Con, guys? Yeah?

Holly Hunter is first among the new recruits, voice of Elastigirl and a Best Actress winning veteran of Raising Arizona and  The Piano. Tao Okamoto, who made her American film debut as Mariko in The Wolverine, has also joined the cast. And finally, Callan Mulvey, fresh off of a starring role in 300: Rise of an Empire.

So, are Hunter, Okamoto, and Mulvey playing Gotham natives? Daily Planet reporters? Amazons (and one dude)? We have no way of knowing. They will apparently be playing completely original characters, so don’t get your hopes up for seeing Holly Hunter’s Hippolyta or Tao Okamoto’s Cassandra Caine. But none of them are entirely unknown actors, so we’ll probably be seeing them in roles that at least have something to do with the plot.

But speaking of known actors, we do have a bit of news on the Star Wars front from an unlikely source: Dominic Monaghan. Monaghan did what any self respecting geek… no, any self respecting person would do if they were on a first name basis with J.J. Abrams. He asked him if he could be in Star Wars. “Give me a lightsaber, I’ll do anything.” Abrams’ answer? Since he and his production are looking for unknown actors for the movie’s major roles, Monaghan is too famous to be in Star Wars.

This means two things, obviously. First: nobody tell Adam Driver (officially cast as the villain) that being on Girls still doesn’t make you a known actor.

Second: Guys, we still have a chance of being in Star Wars.

(via Deadline and Variety.)

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