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Get Your First Glimpse at Batman vs. Superman’s Batmobile

Oh, you wouldn't be interested in that...

Zack Snyder just got our atomic batteries to power with the first image of the Batmobile from Batman vs. Superman.

It’s hard to say from this picture, but it looks like it will have some of the hyper-real, overtly mechanical feel of the Tumbler, while it appears that its design and form factor are more similar to classic, hot rod Batmobile designs. That falls right in line with rumors of the Batsuit being a classic and still fairly realistic design.

When will we find out for sure? In the tweet, Snyder teased that we might see more tomorrow.

So, we’ll have to wait and see. Seeing the Batmobile in full tomorrow would be great, but if I’m being honest, I’m really hoping the tease leads to a bigger reveal that includes the suit. Come on—someone has to drive the thing, right?

(Zack Snyder via Russell Jones on Twitter)

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