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Batman V Superman Shares Remarkable Parallels With… Toy Story?

Reach for the sky, Superman!


Chalk this up to a conclusion I never would’ve come to on my own had it not been for the Internet–but this is why we have the Internet, don’t we? Thanks to the folks behind the YouTube account Bad Movie Drinking Game, we now know that Batman V Superman and Toy Story have more in common than we ever thought. The plots roughly follow the same path, right? One character is living his life peacefully and without (relative) incident–Woody, or in this case Bruce Wayne–when some weird dude from outer space shows up and starts changing everything–and, of course, that guy is obviously Buzz Lightyear. I mean, Superman.

Setting footage from Batman V Superman to the tune of Randy Newman singing “Strange Things” from the Toy Story films isn’t something I would’ve thought of, but you have to admit it’s remarkably fitting. And regardless of what you thought about the movie itself–good or bad-this is kind of guaranteed to put a smile on your face… or at least make you chuckle like it did with me.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Strange Things isn’t the official title of the movie, but after watching this video it might just be my unofficial one. I don’t know. I’m still waiting around for my Dawn of Friendship superhero mashup (which we’ll probably get tomorrow with that lovely Supergirl/Flash crossover episode).

(via Nerdist)

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