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Batman Hearts Superman, And Other Hilarious Memes Of Yesterday’s Batman v Superman Image

"I want you to remember the man who looooooooves you."

  1. Batman Hearts Superman Batman Hearts Superman (via aliarikan on Twitter)
  2. Bat Umbrella Bat Umbrella (via Mashable)
  3. Manchester Manchester (via studioexec1 on Twitter)
  4. Man of Lego Man of Lego (via Man of Steel FB Page)
  5. Sad Keanu Piggyback Ride Sad Keanu Piggyback Ride Obligatory.

    (via Drew Chial)

  6. Superman in the Yellow Hat Superman in the Yellow Hat So.... does that make Batman Curious George?

    (via David José Martin on the TMS Facebook page)

  7. No Girls Allowed No Girls Allowed Welp.

    (via saladinahmed on Twitter)

  8. Supergirl Supergirl What was that you were saying about girls? YA BURNT.

    (via darth on Twitter)

  9. Sadman Sadman (via Glen Tickle)
  10. Sadderman Sadderman (via Glen Tickle)
  11. Superhappy Superhappy "We all float in Metropolis."

    (via LeeBinding on Twitter)

  12. Dawn of Happiness Dawn of Happiness I would read the hell out of this romance novel.

    (via Drew Chial)

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