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Batman and Captain America Saved a Cat From a Burning Building. No, Really.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

To illustrate this post I looked for a picture of Batman with a cat. But when the above pic popped up on the first page of Google’s search results I just couldn’t resist. There’s a Catwoman joke here, but I’m so hypnotized by this cat’s eyes that I can’t even find it.

When firefighters in Milton, West Virginia answered a call about a house fire, they probably didn’t expect for Batman and Captain America to beat them to the scene. And yet… and yet. Former firefighter/military veteran John Buckland and his friend Troy Marcum were dressed up as the superheroes to teach “positive lessons” to kids at an American Legion post, and apparently they’re exactly the guys to be teaching on that subject, because when they noticed smoke off in the distance they went and rushed into the house like good superheroes to see if anyone needed saving.

The family was away on vacation, but the cat wasn’t so lucky. Not until Batman and Captain America showed up, anyway. Take it away, Bats Buckland:

“[Marcum] breaks out that window, some of the smoke relieves, smoke layer goes up a little bit more. [We] go back in. It’s gettin’ pretty dark, I’m feelin’ around, and I’ll be darned if I feel something furry.”

So, aside from the brilliance of Captain America and Batman running into a burning to save a cat, this story also gave me the delightful mental incongruence of Batman saying “I’ll be darned.” There’s video at the source link if you want the full sensory experience, which I think you do.

(via: New York Post)

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