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‘Batgirl’ Star Shares Never-Before-Seen Footage From the Canceled Movie

All I want from Christmas is for the entire movie to leak online.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl and Michael Keaton as Batman. Image: Warner Bros. Discovery and Adil El Arbi.

Since Warner Bros. Discovery‘s decision to axe a mostly done (except minor edits and a scoring) Batgirl film costing $90 million dollars shocked investors, fans, and people in the film industry alike, many have been trying to get ahold of the movie. Some just want a copy for their portfolio, while others want it to put pressure on the studio to release it anyways in some form. With the exception of a few shots by paparazzi and images released on set from people working on the film (like the one above released by co-director Adil El Arbi), we didn’t get much video footage—that is, until mid-September, when a holiday-themed scene was shared online by stunt actress Emely Cartagena.

Cartagena served as the stunt double for Leslie Grace (Batgirl), and her other recent stunt work includes Uncharted, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and the Blue Beetle movie. Because it was on a private Instagram story, it didn’t really pick up steam. Then, co-star Ivory Aquino (who played Barbara Gordon’s best friend Alysia Yeoh) shared a video showing Batgirl hurling through the air and landing on the ground aboard a Christmas tree via Twitter.

Seeing red

This is not only upsetting to see because it’s a reminder of the film everyone lost but one set during the winter. Gotham-set movies aren’t particular to one season, but between the nostalgia around the holidays, and the fact that so many films are set in November–January, that time of year is perfect for rewatches and Batman marathons. Despite on-set images showing it being cold and people on the street donning Santa hats, it didn’t really click until this video.

Everyone loves a fun, campy Gotham-set Christmas movie!

(via Twitter, featured image: Warner Bros. Discovery and Adil El Arbi.)

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