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BatCat Was Alive and Well in the Trailer for The Batman

Batman and Catwoman posing in the sun in the new trailer for The Batman

Batman and Catwoman is a “ship” that many of us shipped before we even knew what ships were. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have a dynamic with each other that just works despite their fundamental differences and lifestyles. In fact, it’s the space between them and their approaches that causes such delicious dramatic tension. In the comics, their love spans many different universes, and one even results in Batman and Catwoman having a daughter named Helena Wayne who becomes Huntress.

So whenever Catwoman takes a leap into Batman’s world in the live-action format, I’m excited about the inevitable tension, incessant flirting, and that push-pull, back-and-forth vibrancy that exists between them. Lucky for me, The Batman seems to be feeding into that obsession. The Matt Reeves superhero movie dropped its second trailer at DC FanDome this weekend and we got a deeper look at Paul Dano’s Riddler, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and, most importantly, Zoë Kravitz’ Selina Kyle.

The distinctive energy of this movie has been delighting me since they began casting. Now, with Reeves’ comments on the film letting us know that we’re going to get a detective noir story, it all just comes to a head with the footage we’ve gotten of BatCat in the new trailer.

From Selina’s boot coming out of the car to their almost whisper flirting, it’s perfect. BatCat works because Selina is the one person Bruce can’t really figure out and this blurs his lines of right and wrong. She’s a villain turned anti-hero and while yes, part of that is because of Bruce, she still goes against his “ideals” and yet he constantly is enamored and intrigued by her. Getting to see a return to BatCat in live-action? I can’t wait.

Beyond their conflicts of interest, there’s also something about the unique sensuality of their dynamic that just works. We’re used to seeing female villains use sex appeal to their advantage, and it’s often depicted as rather over-the-top. Selina’s is more cat-like (get it?), distinct and yet mysterious. She’s gorgeous and gorgeously appealing, but there are many layers to peel back there. When it comes to Bruce, it often feels like he is the one person she’s willing to change her ways for. Again, like a cat. And he can never seem to resist her either.

Bruce Wayne has had plenty of women who turned his head in the world of Gotham, but none changed him and his story as much as Selina Kyle did. Just to get this small glimpse of BatCat in the new The Batman trailer had me screaming all weekend long and I will be counting the days until I finally get to see this movie. (As of this moment, that day is scheduled to be March 4th, 2022.)

The Batman, as the teens say, is about to be supremely my sh*t.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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