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Bank Forecloses on Man’s House Even Though He Didn’t Have a Mortgage

Scary sign-of-the-times: A Florida man’s home, which he paid for in cash last December, was foreclosed upon by Bank of America, despite the fact that he hadn’t taken out a mortgage.

From the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

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[Jason] Grodensky knew nothing about the foreclosure until July, when he learned that the title to his home had been transferred to a government-backed lender. “I feel like I’m hanging in the wind and I’m scared to death,” said Grodensky. “How did some attorney put through a foreclosure illegally?”

To its credit, Bank of America did acknowledge its mistake and said it would “correct it at its own expense,” but had Grodensky not conducted the newspaper and brought media attention to his case, who knows how things would have played out? One foreclosure attorney contacted by the paper summed up the situation as follows: “The evidence doesn’t matter, the proof doesn’t matter, due process doesn’t matter … the only thing that matters is that they get rid of these cases.”

Meanwhile, some of the nation’s largest mortgage companies are suspending foreclosures because it turns out that one single guy, whose job it was to approve 10,000 foreclosures per month by signing them by hand, wasn’t reading the paperwork.

(Sun Sentinel via Reddit; h/t Boing Boing. title pic via Sun-Sentinel.)

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