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Let’s Peel Through the Upcoming Release of The Secret Life of Bananyas Adventure Guidebook

These kittens sure are ripe!

Feature image for the upcoming book for Bananyas

Have you ever come across something and said to yourself, “I must alert the world of this immediately!”

To be fair, I’d seen Bananyas a couple of times in my days of being a convention-going fangirl who would point at a thing, say awwwwww how cute, but be overwhelmed by ALL the cute that exists in the vendor hall that I never learned where the kittens in bananas came from.

Turns out it’s actually a frickin’ anime series? With merch (a plush and a figurine + sticker book)?? And now, an upcoming guidebook???

Bananyas are a, quote, “curious bunch,” who live in the kind of world that has a mountain shaped like a cat. Bananas grow from trees, but instead of unpeeling them to discover fruit, you find, well, cats. The cats have the characteristics of a precious, fluffy furbaby, only they hop around because they’re still inside the banana.

It’s like a permanent cocoon of sorts, I guess.

Anime episodes are about three minutes each, documenting the adventures of this rare, never-before-seen species of cat. You can pretty much look at the main image and know what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s kittens.

In bananas.

Who live in a bright, colorful world full of cat puns.

So why is it Bananyas? What’s the nya part? Well, that’s the sound the cats make as they’re going about their day collecting meowteors and wanting to become ninjas after reading manga. Have your teeth rotted from over-adorableness yet? If they have, too bad because I’m about to pour chocolate all over this thing. Apparently, the main cat in the anime series has ambitious goals of becoming a trendy, chocolate-covered Bananya.

Listen, I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

The upcoming guidebook gives details on the characters (because you can’t just have one banana-cat hybrid) and other details about the show, fully illustrated so you can wave it around and ask your nearest loved one to let you adopt a Bananya, or two, or an entire bunch.

Based on the hit anime Bananya, this official guide will take you on an adventure into the secret world of the kitties who live in bananas. This guide has everything that you need to know about the show and all of its characters including full-color illustrations, an identification guide, playful advice facts, and memories of past adventures. Nya!

Cover to the upcoming Bananyas book




Basically, if you’re looking for something that only functions to be cute, then this guidebook is perfect. Every page will probably make your heart melt, then you’ll glare at the bananas you have sitting in your kitchen and wonder what’s taking them so long to sprout toe beans. Or maybe you can put a banana peel on top of your cat’s head to try and recreate the zen feeling of Bananyas living their best life?

You can preorder The Secret Life of Bananyas over at Crunchyroll today.

(Image: Crunchyroll)

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