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Baby Yoda Watch: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8, “The Rescue”

The season finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian brought us many twists and turns but one thing is already clear: We want to know what Grogu was doing this episode.

This is a huge budget show with special effects and fun aspects, but I truly will never get over Grogu in handcuffs. That being said, this episode of The Mandalorian brought with it some emotional turns for our favorite little green guy so let’s jump in and see what went down for him.

**Spoilers for the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian lie within. Big spoilers. Enter at your own risk.**

We begin with Grogu in his little cell with handcuffs that are too big for his tiny body, and it’s honestly too cute to handle even though you know he’s been through hell.

His Dadalorian has finally found him, but he’s being held, yet again, with a knife to him.

All Grogu wants to do is reach out for Din though. These damned cuffs!

grogu in handcuffs

Finally, after Din and Moff Gideon talk to each other for eight years, Grogu thinks that he’s going to get picked up by his daddy.

But they’re tricked! Moff says “not today” (not really) and Grogu has to sit and watch as his Dadalorian takes on Moff Gideon in a Kyber vs. Beskar face off.

moff gideon and din fighting hell yeah buddy

Don’t worry, there’s a reason we all simp Din Djarin.

Having been through a lot™, Grogu accepts the luxury of just sitting on the floor while everyone else fights. As if there were not seats anywhere available. (There were a lot.)

grogu chilling on the floor

But as everyone’s just waiting around, waiting for the dark troopers to come and f**k up some sh*t, Grogu senses someone coming for him. Much like myself, this is when he sees the X-Wing, and we all know what the X-Wing brings.

grogu seeing what's happening

Again, Grogu: Relatable king watching Luke Skywalker f**k up some sh*t.

grogu watching luke skywalker fuck up some shit

But watching Luke Skywalker is not enough. He must finally accept the fact that he can’t ride around in a ship, eating whatever he wants with his Dadalorian forever. So when Din Djarin opens the door to let Luke Skywalker into the room, Grogu peeks his head around like a little kid looking for Santa.

grogu peeking

One thing he wants before he goes? A proper goodbye with his Dadalorian.

grogu wanting to see pedro pascal's face

What he probably didn’t expect was for this fox to be his dad, tbh.pedro pascal showing grogu his face

Like, RELATABLE™. I would also like to toucha da face.

touch the face

But as nice as it was to see Grogu getting to look at the face of the man he considered his father, that moment was short lived because Luke Skywalker came to take Grogu away.

din letting grogu go and breaking my heart

Fine, I knew it was coming. I knew it would happen. That doesn’t mean I was ready for crying Din Djarin and pouting Grogu as they had to say goodbye (for now) to each other. grogu looking at luke and r2d2 like who are you

My favorite shot in any Star Wars property is now this constant back and forth cuts from Din to Grogu and back as they say goodbye. I guess I’m a masochist. din knowing he has to let him go grogu like "ok but where am I going"

Like this is Din Djarin (my husband), but also me watching my son get taken away to Jedi school.din djarin literally crying

Luke Skywalker being a lucky bastard, holding Grogu with R2D2 as they prepared to leave everyone behind. grogu in an elevator

I imagine Din just stood there for another ten minutes crying, because that’s what I did.

Is this the end of the Baby Yoda Watch? Will we have more come season 3? We shall just have to wait and see. (Please bring my boy back to me.)

baby yoda drinking tea

(image: Lucasfilm)

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