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Here, Let Baby Yoda Help You Handle All the Terrible News

Baby Yoda on trial

(image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/Lucasfilm)

The news is a terrible thing, mainly because it’s all about Donald Trump basically getting away with everything under the sun because he’s weirdly untouchable (although now that I write the words out, I guess it’s not that weird that no one is willing to touch him). Every day that I look at the news, I feel completely overwhelmed and like I can’t even begin to unpack everything going on.

So, I’ve realized that I just started to look at baby Yoda gifs when it got too much. Sounds absurd, right? Well, hear me out: The news is a lot easier to digest if you’re looking at this baby with big ears and a big coat afterward, and that’s the tea.


So, go on this journey with me. Look at bits of the news, and then look at baby Yoda afterward. You’ll find that you don’t feel completely lost and on the brink of crying as much.

Donald Trump was acquitted of both of the articles of impeachment against him in the Senate trial because, at the end of the day, the Senate is filled with Republicans who are too afraid to take a stand against the president or are unwilling to because of the money and power they find in their loyalty to him. It’s a terrible realization that we’re basically living in a world where, no matter what the president does, he’ll get away with it because Republicans find his disgusting brand helpful.

So … I turn to baby Yoda controlling fire and pretend like he can come to fix the government for us. I’d take baby Yoda in charge.


The good news? Nancy Pelosi took to the State of the Union to tear up Trump’s awful speech. That news I can handle and I can praise.


The Democratic Iowa Caucus is … well, it’s a mess. I never understood why we let IOWA, of all places, go first in the presidential nomination process, but alas. Now though, it’s a confusing mess, and people want a recount, and the conspiracy theories are starting, and nothing makes sense, so whatever hopes we have for the 2020 election feel lost and like we’re cursed to have 4 more years of this nonsense, and I don’t think I can mentally handle all of it.

But what I can handle is cute little baby Yoda looking up at his Dadalorian and wanting a hug.


Everyone who supports the president just brushes off everything he does wrong or when he says something offensive with a “he doesn’t mean it,” excuse and no one can see the pure hatred for the American people that exists within his reign as president. We’re all just sitting here, subjected to the madness, with the threat of another Trump running for office after Donald Trump gets a second term?

That fear is all-encompassing, taking over me and my anxieties, so here’s baby Yoda trying to catch a frog.


And now, with Trump’s monologue about how he’s great happening on television (because this is literally the worst timeline), here is a beautiful image of baby Yoda getting a haircut to help you cope.

At the end of the day, the world is truly a terrible place right now, and finding ways of making yourself forget for a little while is important—mainly because, if we don’t, we’re all going to tear our hair out. So, for me, it’s looking at baby Yoda, but do what you need to in order to forget that we have a monster in charge of the country.

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