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Baby Yoda Now Has the “Dear Theodosia” Parody Theme Song He Deserves

Baby Yoda tea on the Mandalorian

Baby Yoda has taken over, and honestly, maybe that was his evil plan all along. From Werner Herzog falling in love with the puppet to the plethora of memes that have surfaced from this big-eyed, big-eared little baby, we all can’t stop talking about him. Also … apparently Laura Dern saw him at a basketball game?

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It’s a cultural phenomenon like no other. Fans of Star Wars are joining with people who have never watched a Star Wars movie in their lives to fawn over this little baby, and we’re all just collectively pretending like he’s not a puppet controlled by someone. Do we maybe think baby Yoda is real? Do think baby Yoda is real?

There is a way one goes about talking about baby Yoda and, for the most part, it consists of softly singing “Dear Theodosia” to yourself about this little baby. The Ringer’s Isaac Lee and Jason Gallagher, a.k.a. Ice2Ice, just capitalized on what we all were feeling and made a video with new lyrics for the Hamilton song that apply exclusively to our favorite green baby. (Sorry, baby Grinch, you’ve been replaced).

The line about dedicating every meme to baby Yoda hurt me in my core, because my entire Twitter account has become baby Yoda memes and talking about him, so I feel both seen and called out at the same time. What’s great about this song, though, is that I know that I, myself, have sung “Dear Theodosia” at pictures of baby Yoda (as well as Tom Holland, but that’s another story), and I know that I’m not alone.

So these two men just took what we all were feeling and made us a beautiful song to sing along to. My favorite part is maybe that this song is told from the perspective of us, watching the show? Because you know who is going to protect baby Yoda? The Mandalorian. Mando will watch out for him and protect him. We’re just here for the ride.

Don’t worry, though, Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda is also speechless.

Did I need another reason to cry over baby Yoda? Absolutely not. It’s ridiculous at this point. I see his cute little face and floppy ears and tell myself I’d die for this puppet, but maybe 2019 has just broken us to the point of no return, so we’re all dedicating our lives to a fictional baby who just wants to eat frogs and be loved by the Mandalorian.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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