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New Ninja Turtles TV Spot Shows Baby/Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles, They Look Pretty OK

Radical! Radical! Radical! Radical!

The new TV spot for the upcoming Ninja Turtles nightmare movie shows what the turtles looked like growing up and gives us our best look at Splinter yet. Also, I… kind of like the way they look as adolescents better than the teenage versions? They look a bit like the Nickelodeon cartoon designs, which I think are pretty solid.

It also gives us a look at the baby turtles, but with a sore lack of this:


There are also motion posters featuring the four turtles in action, which you’ll probably be seeing on those LCD poster screens in your local mall approximately infinity times on a loop until you can’t stand it anymore in the near future:





But which one of them will be the leader of the group transformed from the norm by the nuclear goop? We’ll find out in about a month.

(via UPROXX)

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