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8-Month-Old Looks at Mom for First Time Through New Glasses, Onion Ninjas Everywhere Take Day Off

Excuse me, there's something in my contact lens.


This incredible treasure of a video was taken by Megan McMorris, whose Youtube channel Louise and Albinism chronicles eight-month-old baby Louise’s daily life as an infant with albinism.

According to McMorris, Louise has been diagnosed with OCA Type 1 albinism, which means she has no pigment in her skin, hair or eyes. As a result of Louise’s vision issues, McMorris told ABC that her daughter typically relies more on hearing than sight. But since Louise received her new prescription glasses, McMorris says she’s noticed a change in her daughter’s interactions with the rest of the family:

Once she could actually see me, it’s like ‘Oh hi that’s you’ […] She’s happy […] She’s able to reach out for things because she can see them now. If I walk into a room, I can tell she can see something.

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