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Coolest Family Ever Announces New Baby Avengers-Style

Squirrel Girl can totally babysit!

Some kids are just born lucky. Like the kid at the center of this awesome family birth announcement, for example. Check out the Flahertys as they announce the news of their new arrival in a style worthy of the Avengers.

Not for nothing, but this is some pretty awesome production value for a homemade video! Like, this genuinely makes me wish there were a movie called The Flahertys: Rise of the 6th Flaherty coming out so I could go see it! But the important thing here is the enormous amount of geek love that is palpable in this video. After all, the family that fan vids together stays together!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your team, Flaherty Five! And by the way, your daughter makes an awesome Captain America!

(via Robot 6)

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