If The Avengers Were Cast in the ’90s Is the Most Perfect Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Avengers if Cast in the 90s

A visualization of which ’90s movie stars would have been cast in The Avengers and various Marvel properties gives me such glee that I want it turned into a poster for my wall.

If you didn’t live through the 80s and 90s, the choices here might seem a bit head-scratching—the humor doesn’t quite click as brilliantly if you don’t know these stars’ public personalities and their bodies of work. But if you do vividly remember this era, the selections herein are just A+.

Posted by the Facebook page Bochi-Bochi, this fast made the rounds of social media and imgur:

Avengers 90s Casting

(via Facebook)

Some of these are self-evident: of course Brad Pitt would’ve been cast as the All-American blond Steve Rogers. And youthful Leonardo DiCaprio would’ve swung into the Peter Parker role. Not a day will pass that I won’t be thrilled that we were spared Tom Cruise’s Iron Man. (I will, however, mourn never getting to see Denzel Washington as Black Panther. Can we get him into a future mentor role, Marvel? Or maybe even a bad guy?)

Sometimes it takes a couple seconds for the sheer genius of this “casting” to click: a few of them are more inspired bits of true ’90s spirit and they make my brain happily explode. Brendan Fraser as Star-Lord? Why yes, now I’m mad that I do not have this in my life. Joe Pesci voicing Rocket Raccoon? Milla Jovovich’s Black Widow? Loki as played by Gary Oldman? KEANU REEVES AS DOCTOR STRANGE?!

What do you think of these selections? Is there anyone here who made you yell ‘YES!’ at the computer or anyone that you disagree with? (I personally think they could’ve found a ’90s actress of Asian descent for Mantis instead of Winona, but I get the waif-like parallels.)

I’m also a little disconcerted now that Ron Perlman isn’t playing Thanos. What was Marvel thinking?

(via Facebook, image: Bochi-Bochi.Pe on Facebook)

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