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So the Avengers: Endgame Trailer Confirms They’re Using the Quantum Realm, Right?

screengrabs from the Avengers: Endgame trailer

It seems as if the theories about the Quantum Realm coming into play in Avengers: Endgame could be true.

For those unaware, a big theory surrounding the movie is that the Avengers will use the Quantum Realm to go back in time and change the events leading up to Infinity War, preventing The Snapture from ever happening, which … okay. That also messes with the time-space continuum, and maybe I’m looking a little too far into this because I’m a fan of Doctor Who, but that typically isn’t a good thing.

Basically, it’s just giving new life to the idea that Steve Rogers will also go back in time and “retire” with Peggy Carter, which, every time that theory is brought up, results in my friend yelling in my ear about the erasure of Agent Carter, and … she’s right.

It brings up a good point though: How exactly are they going to manipulate time? Again, not to be that “WELL ON DOCTOR WHO” person (even though I am that person), we know that the minute you start to mess with time, that’s when a whole lot more problems arise.

So, to debunk the “Steve Rogers goes and lives a life with Peggy Carter” theory, that would mean that Steve, who is a good boy who never backs down from a fight, just … lets three wars rage on and doesn’t help his best friend out of Hydra? Sounds fishy.

On top of that, the events from the Avengers’ past still have to happen, or the entire world they know would be altered beyond recognition, causing rippling effects throughout the rest of time. So, what could these suits be if they’re not using the Quantum Realm to go back and change things? Well, just space travel.

Maybe the Avengers find something else out there in the cosmos that can help them reverse The Snap and bring back those lost. Maybe that’s why they’re all in the suits, but then again, Nebula is wearing the suit and she doesn’t exactly need it, and Tony’s Iron Man armor would take care of him. Who knows what this could mean; I just hope that they don’t start messing with time, because then I’m pushing my glasses up my nose and outlining all the problems that would occur from altering just one moment throughout history.

The thing is, we don’t know that this is what is going to happen at all. Marvel does a great job of misdirecting us. Remember when we all thought that the Hulk was in Wakanda? That is still a real possibility if they just reverse The Snap and go back to that final battle. There is so much that could happen, and … maybe that’s why this movie is over three hours long.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters this April 26th.

(source: CBR; image: Marvel Entertainment)

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