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Marvel, Why Are You Making Me Watch the Super Bowl for a Trailer?

I don't like sports, Marvel!!!! I like superheroes!!!!


The time has come for all of us nerds to suffer at the hands of the Super Bowl gods. Sure, I’m being overly dramatic, but up until now, I was so happy that I had no reason to watch football this year. I’d see the important commercials on Twitter; I’d be safe.

But now, Marvel is releasing a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame during the game, which means I’m going to have to obsessively check Twitter—which will be full of football—or actually watch football to make sure I don’t miss it.

When you stop and think about it, there isn’t going to be much new footage in the trailer. Or at least, I don’t think there will be. Marvel has made it clear that the clips we’re going to get are from the first twenty minutes of the movie. So, we’ll know that Tony Stark survives space, Steve Rogers cries over losing Bucky Barnes, and Scott Lang somehow makes it out of the Quantum Realm all on his own.

So what am I going to do the minute I hear Tony Stark talking?

Fine, some of us Marvel fans are probably also football fans, but then again, why do I have to always watch sports to get Marvel content? Why is football their go-to? I don’t care about men smashing into each other and fighting over a ball.

That being said, I’m going to begrudgingly watch and hate every second of it because I am being forced into sports. You know how people complain when you put on your favorite show and make them watch it even though they don’t want to? That’s how I feel right now with football being force fed to me.

But the minute that the Avengers: Endgame trailer is over, I’m out of there.

And honestly, what is this trailer even going to be? How different can it be from the first trailer we got? They don’t want to give away too much; we know of some reshoots, but most every actor who was snapped hasn’t been pictured back on set, so they can’t even show us half our favorite characters.

Is Marvel just going to release a Thanos-themed trailer? Is it just 2 full minutes of Tony Stark in space, leaving Pepper Potts a sad message about how he loves her?

So, I guess tune in to the Super Bowl to see when the Marvel trailer comes out, or just come here and I’ll be writing about it anyway. The internet can save you. I’ll suffer for us all.

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