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One Deleted Scene From Avengers: Endgame Fixed a Problem I Didn’t Realize It Had

Tony Stark and Peter Quill in Avengers: Infinity War

I am but a humble servant to the world of Avengers: Endgame, but even I can see that this deleted idea for the final battle, which dropped on Disney+, is ten times better than what we got. There is a group of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that do not like Avengers: Endgame. I am not one of those fans. I love the conclusion to the Infinity Saga, but there is something about one of the deleted scenes from the Disney+ release of the film that strikes me as important.

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During the final battle against Thanos, so many of our favorite characters never had the chance to stop and see each other again after five years. They had to instantly fight and try to figure out what to do in battle as they were all fighting and running around. In this scene, there is (apparently) a force field around the team, and they’re taking a moment to stop and check in with one another to come up with a plan.

So the big question is: Why was this cut? While, sure, a change in pace from the bustle of a battle against Thanos, the scene brings everyone’s favorite heroes down for a moment to reconnect. I’ve already talked about how I didn’t like the alternate Tony Stark and Peter Parker reunion at the beginning of this clip, but the rest of the scene does an incredible job bringing together all the Avengers to actually come up with a plan rather than having just Tony and Steve yell plans at everyone.

The reunion between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark is also one I like better in this deleted moment. The two never got along, constantly at wits’ end with one another and ready to throw down their egos to get their way. So when Tony, who has, arguably, grown the most in the five-year gap, is suddenly calm and talking to Strange about what he has to do in the theatrical version? Not as interesting as their dynamic pre-Snap.

Maybe it’s just because it gives footing to all the Avengers rather than just Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, but it seems like a missed opportunity to not have something like this take place in the movie. Sure, there was the power of “Avengers, assemble” as they’re all running full force into Thanos and his army, but seeing the team come together, work through what to do, and bring all their strengths into battle? That is what we love about the Avengers—not who can destroy the most aliens in one fell swoop.

How many more moments were cut from the movie? It seems like a lot, if the Disney+ extras have anything to show us, but hopefully there aren’t more scenes like this, because that would be extremely disappointing. This was what Avengers: Endgame should have had, and I think it’s sad that we have to experience these beautiful team moments through deleted scenes.

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