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I Just Want the Avengers 4 Trailer so the Fan Theories Will End

Just make it stop.

Spider-Man hugs Iron Man Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War

In a new fan theory, the apparent key to defeating Thanos is … Deadpool. You know what I say to that? Please just release the trailer so that the madness can end. It has been so long since we’ve learned anything for certain about Avengers 4 that we’re going way down the rabbit hole just grasping at anything that makes even the smallest amount of sense.

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That’s not to say I haven’t had my own theory. In fact, I believe that we’re going to see our favorite Avengers use the soul stone to swap their lives for those of their friends, but I wrote that theory back in October thinking that we’d soon see a trailer that would clear things up, at least somewhat. Now, less than twenty days before Christmas, we’re still waiting for any kind of footage or even an official title for the new film.

The theories are getting more and more ludicrous with each passing day. We’ve already run through everything from Loki impersonating the Hulk throughout Infinity War to Erik Selvig, mutants, and the Fantastic Four coming into play, and we’ve still got about six months until the movie comes out. It’s reaching “Tony Stark is the Soul Stone” levels of absurdity. It’s exhausting.

It’s hard to believe the Deadpool theory is even offered with any semblance of sincerity, since it completely discounts Captain Marvel’s role, the importance of which was made pretty clear by Infinity War’s post-credits scene. Like sure, he can help, but I’m pretty sure a woman who is of Kree descent has a better shot than a man who can grow back his limbs.

It’s just getting out of hand at this point. We all know so little that each theory gets further and further from what we can expect to see, and now that the Russo brothers are telling us that Chris Evans “isn’t done yet,” we have no idea what to expect out of this movie.

Maybe Tony and Steve will make up, defeat Thanos, and everyone will go on a road trip together, and that will be the next ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s as likely as several of the other theories out there! But please, for all our sakes, just release the trailer already to keep things under control.

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