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Study: Men Like Smilers, Ladies Prefer Brooders

A Canadian study has shown that men prefer pictures of women when they are smiling, instead of looking proud or shameful, while women prefer pictures of men in brooding or confident poses. Drawing from a pool of 1,084 heterosexual men and women, the study is sure to cause millions to rethink their OK Cupid profiles.

From the CBC:

“Generally, the results appear to reflect some very traditional gender norms and cultural values that have emerged, developed and been reinforced through history, at least in Western cultures,” Jessica Tracy, a sociologist at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia, said in a statement Tuesday.

Results in the study were consistant, with both groups showing strong preferences across the board. But there are two notable caveats: first, that older women tended to rate happy looking men higher than younger women; second, the researchers believe that a slight preference for shame-faced photos because viewers believe it shows a “respect for social norms.”

(CBC News)

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