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Check Out The First Character Posters For The Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie!

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Holy colossus! The first official images for Japan’s live-action Attack on Titan movie (due out Summer 2015) were just released, and feature some some new faces as well as a modernized twist.

According to Attack on Titan producer Yoshihiro Sato, the film’s creative team (including manga creator Hajime Isayama) “didn’t concern ourselves at all with whether or not the actors looked like their manga counterparts” and “carried out casting on the basis of whether or not the actors could embody the spirit of Isayama’s originals.”

What do you guys think so far? Perpetual bad-ass Levi seems to be absent from the cast of characters (possibly replaced by new addition Shikishima, “The Strongest Man), and the success of a live action Attack on Titan movie might lie in how the Titans themselves are portrayed. At least the production’s location seems promising–Japan’s appropriately bleak Battleship Island was used for filming.

(Via KotakuTokusatsu Network and Rocket News 24)

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