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Ask the Mary Sues: What Summer Releases Are You Excited For?

We're here, we're vaxxed, and we're ready to party.

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As the end of May quickly approaches, it’s time to pump up the jams, rips our sleeves off of our shirts, and get ready for SHOT GIRL SUMMER, BABY! Now that many of us are vaccinated, we’re ready to dive into a summer filled with BBQs, travel, parties, and more social activities. Summer is also roaring back with all sorts of blockbuster movie premieres, new series, and all sorts of pop culture activities. So before you build that giant slip n’ slide in your studio apartment or purchase that margarita maker from Target (but seriously, you might as well, right?) take a look at what all is coming to screens big and small this summer.

After all, some of us would still like to delay wearing bras and real pants a little while longer.

Lyra Hale:

Personally, I’m excited for Motherland: Fort Salem to return for season 2! I really loved the world that was built around these women and how badass they were from start to finish. I also loved how different they all were and how they fought for each other in that crazy season one finale. I need to know what happened to them and I need to know stat!

Princess Weekes:

Against all my better judgement, I am excited for Space Jam 2. While it looks like a weird “Ready Player One” cartoon edition, not gonna lie, it gets to me. Space Jam is an important movie from my childhood and I’ve always been able to watch it and feel good. Not to mention, it was a Black led family film featuring the sports icon of the time. Younger kids get to have that again, plus Lola Bunny is back being a boss bunny. I’m ready to enjoy the Jam once more, this time without R. Kelly.

Rachel Leishman:

Have I been excited about this movie since 2010? Yes. Does that mean I got it any time sooner? No. But finally, against a literal pandemic, we’re finally getting Black Widow. The movie comes after Natasha Romanoff literally had to sacrifice herself to save half the universe but still, we’re getting a movie focused on Nat and that’s something to be excited about. That and my love of Yelena Belova cannot be matched! I have so many hopes and dreams for this movie and I can’t wait to finally set in a movie theater and see it.

Vivian Kane:

It’s been less than seven months since the last season of Ted Lasso ended, but it still feels like it’s been way too long. The show was a bit of a sleeper hit but it was so beloved that was renewed for a second season and then again for a third just days after season one ended. And season two is coming soon–July 23! AND it’s a whole two episodes longer than season one (12 total). All I want this summer is to curl up inside this cozy warm blanket of a show and watch Ted Lasso be nice to people and bake them biscuits.

Chelsea Steiner:

The series finale of Schitt’s Creek has left an Annie Murphy-shaped hole in my heart. So you can imagine my delight when Alexis Rose herself was cast in the lead for AMC’s new dark comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself. Murphy plays Allison, a stereotypical sitcom wife married to Kevin (Eric Petersen) a thankless slob whom the show/world revolves around. But when Allison breaks out of her sitcom bubble, she discovers that the world has so much more to offer. Inject it straight into my veins, please and thank you.

What summer premieres are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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