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Watch This 7-Year-Old Sing the AsapSCIENCE Periodic Table Song From Memory [Video]

He blinded me with adorable science!

Tom Lehrer’s periodic table song “The Elements” is pretty great and all, but we’re quite partial to the new version by AsapSCIENCE. So is Ethan Ooi, who sang the whole thing from memory and posted the video on YouTube. Jeez, this kid knows all the elements now? When I was his age all I’d ever memorized was the words to the Sailor Moon theme. That song only teaches you, like, four of the planets.

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While some people in the YouTube comments who have no joy in their hearts — yes, I know that’s pretty redundant to say about the YouTube comments section — are claiming that the kid probably had some sort of visual aid behind the camera to read from, his older brother denies this. “I filmed him doing this and helped him memorize the song,” he replied in the comments. “I know that his eyes were moving around. That wasn’t because he was reading. He was really doing it from memory.”

Edison Ooi, the older brother, has his own cover of the song as well. Their profile pictures are clearly taken from the same picture, and it’s cute as heck.

(via YouTube)

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