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R2-D2 Saves the Day in This NASA-Sponsored Star Wars Day Greeting From the ISS

Artoo says that the chances of survival are 1 to 1, because he's a boss.

May the Fourth isn’t upon us just yet, but you can’t fault Rick Mastracchio and the rest of the ISS crew for trying to get their Star Wars Day message out early. After all, they’ve got lots of important science to do. Luckily, our favorite astromech droid was there to make sure the signal made it to the ground.

My favorite detail of this video? The briefing given to Artoo says that their spies were of Bothan descent, which is fantastic. Everybody knows that Bothans make incredible spies. Good job, person who wrote the script for this video. Borsk Fey’lya would be so proud of you.

(via Universe Today)

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