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Open Thread: Arrow – City of Blood

where does he get those wonderful toys

We’re getting very close to the end of Season 2 and I literally do not know what to expect. That leaves me both excited and worried. 

  • Come on, Ollie, I know things are dire. But skipping your mom’s funeral? Harsh.
  • “I didn’t even like Moira,” you can always count on Felicity being honest.
  • Isabel…surprise!
  • Thea tells Walter Slade was on the island and like, he doesn’t seem to blink an eye. That’s weird, right?
  • Diggle goes to ARGUS for help and all Felicity can do is fondle the technology.
  • They bugged Blood and I like the word play. Uh oh! They found out he drafted the death press release before Moira died!
  • “Too many people know about the Arrow Lair so I made another Arrow Lair and SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE OK?”
  • Thea wants to leave Starling. Oliver agrees. Can you guys just be cool again?
  • Oliver was all set to sacrifice himself but is knocked out, taken back to Arrow Lair Prime, and wakes up to Laurel! Huzzah!
  • On the island, Oliver says, “We will come for you when it’s over” to Sara and oh, famous last words.
  • “Bitch with wifi” on my tombstone please.
  • Oliver outs himself to Blood and now everyone except Thea basically knows his secret identity.
  • I swear to god this show keeps Christopher Nolan’s Batman films on in the writers room because that prisoner at the police station screamed Dark Knight trap.
  • Laurel helps Arrow, Isabel finds Diggle, the poor police tech guy is dead, and there are mirakuru baddies everywhere. Looks like that call from Star Labs came just in time!

Two episodes left! Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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