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Arrow Casts A Mom For Felicity; Gotham Locks Down Another Villain

Geez, who's left?


Arrow and Gotham are the two biggest names in DC TV shows right now, with The Flash trailing juuust behind (which is ironic when you think about it). Today two new casting decisions were announced, and they’re both… kind of awesome?

Let’s start with the less villainous news: Flash has announced that former NYPD Blue star Charlotte Ross will be joining the cast as Felicity’s mother. We don’t know much about how that character factors into the events of the show’s third season, but we do know that she’ll be featured in Smoak’s origin story. Looking at the pictures of the two actresses together on TV Guide, it’s a pretty dead-on casting decision.

Speaking of dead on (haaah), we have yet another Gotham villain to think about, except this time it’s not a hypothetical: the part has actually been cast. Deadline is reporting that the show has picked up David Zayas, whom you might remember as Detective Angel Batista on Dexter, as the mob criminal Sal Maroni. Yup, the guy who throws acid on Harvey Dent—who will probably also be in the show eventually, showrunner Bruno Heller has said.

As much as we complain about the amount of villains, Maroni (presumably alongside Carmine Falcone, another standard issue crime boss) is actually the sort of nefarious evildoer we were expecting all along. After all, wasn’t the whole point of Batman that the corruption in Gotham was comparatively normal and not full of costumed weirdos before the caped crusader showed up? Obviously Gotham’s entitled to adapt the story its own way (provided it works—coughIvy Pepper), but I’d rather them focus on the regular ol’ gangsters first over, say, Mr. Freeze.

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