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The CW’s The Flash Casts Its Captain Cold


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Do you like…Prison Break? Do you like…the Flash? Then today is your lucky day!

As detailed by The Hollywood Reporter, actor Wentworth Miller is joining The Flash as Captain Cold (aka Leonard Snart), the leader of the Rogues and a definite bad guy. Seriously, with a name like “the Rogues,” how could you be anything but the bad guys? I mean, maybe if you were a somewhat non-traditional D&D party, but…no, no, even then.

The announcement was made by executive producer Greg Berlanti, who also mentioned that there’s a good chance viewers will be see Dr. Martin Stein, better known as the other half of Firestorm. His counterpart, Ronnie Raymond, will be played by Robbie Amell, but there’s no word as to who will be playing Stein yet.

As for Captain Cold, he’s slated to appear in the fourth episode. Who out there is planning to watch? The series, I mean. Not just the fourth episode. That’d be a bit odd.

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