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Here’s the Menu for Your Arrested Development Watching Party

Arrested Development's coming back, so here's a bunch of food you can eat while watching.

Skip's Scramble

If you’re anything like us, your Sunday afternoon is going to be spent marathoning the newest season of Arrested Development. I haven’t waited this many years for this show to return to have it spoiled, after all. We’ll be doing our watching in the company of friends, and hope you’re doing the same, because…well, because Things With Friends > Things Without Friends. But you can’t have a five-plus hour watching together party without snacks, so here’s our menu for a successful Arrested Development binge over the long weekend.

Vodka — The breakfast of champions. Serve with toast if needed, but remember to finish the bottle. Vodka goes bad once you open it.

Candy Beans — Feeling down because Sunday can’t come soon enough? Fend off the blues by eating a whole thing of candy beans. Go ahead. You deserve it.

Candy Beans

Cornballs — Please exercise care when operating the Cornballer.

Juice Boxes — Unlimited juice will ensure that your party is off the hook…which I just realized might be a “Buster losing his hand” joke. You guys, this SHOW!

Plastic Fruit — You may have to skip the grocery store and go right to your favorite Homefill supplier for this one.

Burger King — It’s a wonderful restaurant!

Hot Ham Water — A dish for more refined palates, it’s so watery…and yet, there’s a smack of ham to it!

Mayonegg  — Among the simpler items on the menu, this is also one of the gnarliest. Which is something, considering plastic food is on here, too.

Frozen Bananas — It wouldn’t be an Arrested Development marathon without a Bluth Frozen Banana. If you feel like being fancy, though, bananas foster is a great way to pay homage to the arson-lost original banana stand.


Ice Cream Sandwiches — You’ll have a love affair with every prisoner’s favorite treat.


Skip’s Scramble — A combination of everything on the menu at Skip Church’s Bistro. Don’t order the Skip’s Scramble.

What food references did we miss? Let us know in the comments, and have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing.

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