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Ariana Grande Clapped Back at Piers Morgan and, of Course, He’s Whining About It

Does he want some cheese with that whine?

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The argument started when Piers Morgan began bashing the women of the band Little Mix over a photo shoot. Joan Grande, Ariana Grande’s mother, spoke out against Morgan and, in typical Piers Morgan fashion, he decided to drag a bystander in as a prop for his sexism rather than make any sort of argument that would prove his point—because he doesn’t have a point, he just likes to whine.

So then he decided to write up an article about how he’s a “masculine man” and that he isn’t afraid to tell people that.

The reality of the situation is that Morgan’s understanding of what makes one “masculine” is more than a bit flawed. He bleeds toxic masculinity and continues to put forth the idea that men have to put women in their place. He has no right to bash women left and right and then say it is because he’s “masculine.” That’s not what a real man does. If he wants to see what a real man is, he can look at Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan.

Because she isn’t here for his bullshit, Ariana Grande clapped back at Morgan, talking about his lack of a real career and how he shouldn’t be talking about these women as he is.

Of course, Morgan is pretending like it never happened, because that’s what tough guys like him do, right? Bash women, and then when you get called out, act like the “callout” isn’t anything special?

The real problem is that Piers Morgan continues to use his platform to promote sexism, racism, and the idea of toxic masculinity, and no one is stopping him. He shouldn’t be able to continue to spew the hatred that he is on a daily basis. Part of the problem with the world is that hate breeds hate, and when we continue to let hate run rampant on our social media platforms, it continues to grow.

So, why does Piers Morgan still have a platform? When is enough enough? He bashes women daily, continues to be racist, and supports … whatever it is that we have as a president right now. Piers Morgan needs to go.

thank u, next.

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