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Steve Jobs Avoided Getting a License Plate By Leasing a New Identical Car Every Six Months

High profile businessmen and rich people tend to have their reported quirks. Money allows this sort of thing, but Steve Jobs wasn’t known for any kind of eccentricities that money allows, like having a diamond-plated iPad or something. He did, however, manage to avoid having a license plate on his Mercedes SL55 AMG. This wasn’t made possible because he cut some kind of deal with state government, but because of a loophole in the California vehicle laws that stated a new car has a maximum of six months to be without a license plate. Yes, this is going where you think it is: Steve Jobs cut a deal with a leasing company that allowed him to lease a new Mercedes SL55 AMG every six months so as to avoid having to slap a license plate on the back.

It wasn’t revealed why he didn’t want license plate numbers on his car — one can only assume he didn’t want to be tracked — but, you know, he had an iPhone. I’ll be here all night.

(iTWire via The Next Web)

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