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More Things Apple Could Do With Its 110 Billion Dollars and Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools


You may have heard that Apple has about $110 billion in cash reserves just sitting around. You may also have heard that, if converted to dollar bills, this money could fill about 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools. You may be hankering for some more hastily-calculated, hilariously meta statistics about what else Apple could do with $110 billion and Olympic-sized swimming pools. You want statistics about money and swimming pools? We’ve got your statistics about money and swimming pools.

With its $110 billion in cash reserves, Apple could:

  • Actually construct about 220,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools to put stuff in[1]
  • Fill about 1,950 Olympic-sized swimming pools with pennies[2]
  • Fill about 11 and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools with caviar[3]
  • Fill about 1,096 Olympic-sized swimming pools with actual McIntosh apples[4]
  • Fill about 2,501 Olympic-sized swimming pools with these Scrooge McDuck Plushes[5]
  • Fill about zero Olympic-size swimming pools with Steve Jobs dolls, because no one is allowed to make them

And here is your “Apple’s cash reserves and Olympic-sized swimming pool word problem that none of us could figure out” word problem of the day:

What is the least number of swimming pools Apple could build so that the remaining cash (in dollar bills) fits into them?

  • Assuming Olympic-sized swimming pools cost about $500,000
  • and 2,190,177,157 dollar bills will fit in an Olympic-sized swimming pool

The furthest we could get on this is that this probably involves a quadratic equation, but none of us have taken a math class in years. Anyone who can figure this out will be awarded approximately 3 well-earned propers, one from each of us.


1. Assuming an Olympic-sized pool costs about$500,000 to construct.

2. Given a penny is .02696 cubic inches, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool is 152,064,000 cubic inches

3. Assuming the caviar in question is $100 an ounce, each ounce coming out to 1.598813 cubic inches

4. Assuming the apples cost roughly $2 a pound, come roughly three to a pound, and are roughly the size of a tennis ball

5. Assuming each plush has the volume of a 10 inch tall cylinder with a 1.625 inch radius (when compact)

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