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Antiporn Politician Busted Watching Porn During Parliamentary Debate

An Indonesian politician who was known for his role in passing a stringent antipornography law resigned yesterday after he was photographed watching porn on his computer during a parliamentary debate last Friday. The politician, who goes by the single name Arifinto, is a member of Parliament with the conservative and Islamist Prosperous Justice Party.

Apparently, Arifinto viewed the pornography “for several minutes as fellow legislators debated plans to build a new parliament building.”

In a speech to his constituents, the politician stated, “I am a human. I err like anyone else. I said this to the people and to the party. They understood.” He says that he will return to his previous business as a printer.

Ironically, the Jakarta Globe says that he could potentially be charged under the very law he helped enact: “‘If you are unaware that a particular Web site contains pornography, then it is permissible. But if there is enough evidence that [Arifinto] was browsing the Internet, intentionally accessing pornographic sites, then it is punishable,’ [a legal analyst] said.”

(Belfast Telegraph via The Daily What)

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