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Things We Saw Today: Anthony Mackie Clarifies Comments About Marvel’s Diversity: “It’s Just in My DNA to Have That Conversation”

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) gets ready for battle in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Actor Anthony Mackie, who has been playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Falcon since Captain America: The Winder Soldier, has not been quiet about using his star power to address the diversity issues he has seen at Marvel Studios and other companies. In a new interview with Fatherly, Mackie expanded upon his previous comments about the overwhelming whiteness of the crews at Marvel.

“I don’t think what’s happening is a racism problem,” Mackie said in the interview. “I think it’s an unawareness problem. I really think with most companies, they feel like they’re doing what they should be doing. In no way, shape or form is it enough.”

For Mackie, he feels like it is part of his responsibility to be able to go into meetings and say, “The next time I go into this meeting, I don’t want to be the only Black person here.’”

“You can’t cast a Black dude as one of your main superheroes and not expect him to have that conversation,” Mackie said. “It’s just in my DNA to have that conversation.”

I’m really glad to know that Mackie isn’t shying away from having this conversation and is using his new place within the MCU elite to try to be an advocate for change. It would be safer for him to say nothing and just get his checks, but by discussing this publicly as his role expands, it holds Marvel accountable. That matters when the company is one of the most powerful entertainment employers around.

Good work, Cap.

(via HuffPost, image: Marvel)

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