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Breaking Bad’s Star Trek Story is Already Animated [Video]

Dang yo, that was fast.

Last night’s Breaking Bad had a lot of outstanding moments in it, but for Star Trek fans, Badger’s spec script for an episode of the Original Series was probably the highlight of the hour. We bet Matt Czap, animator for Vulture, must have spent all night working on this cartoonified version, but it was totally worth it.

So how well would this story actually hold up according to the rules of Star Trek? Surprisingly well, Vulture writer Matt Patches suggests — although the tulaberry isn’t from Voyager as Skinny Pete says but from Deep Space Nine. Hey, I’m just surprised they both knew what a parsec was, so maybe my expectations are pretty low.

Speaking of the excitement I feel about references I understand, hats off to Czap for including a scene of Badger and Skinny Pete hanging out in the holodeck during the above animation. However, I’m not very happy that they’re both wearing red shirts. Please don’t get killed this season, Badger and Skinny Pete. That would bum me out the most.

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