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Animals in Slow Motion: A Collection [Videos]

Everything looks excellent in slow motion, especially animals. They are regal, proud warriors, even if they’re domesticated cats and dogs catching a treat. When shot on high-speed film then played back to dramatic instrumental music, they are just the finest examples of their kind that ever existed. Behold! Animals in majestic slow motion!

1. A dachshund puppy chasing a laser pointer

2. A chipmunk cleaning itself

3. A kitten playing/hunting

4. The famous sneezing baby panda

5. Super-fast hummingbird in flight

6. Mishka, the husky who says “I Love You,” playing in “snow-motion”

7. Another warrior cat

8. Pedigree ad featuring brave, noble fighting doggies catching treats

9. Incredibly intimidating eagle owl

10. Scary-fast animal attacks — in slow motion

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