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The Animal Crossing Mobile Game Is Now Here to Steal All Your Time!

The new Animal Crossing mobile phone game was previously scheduled to make its debut tomorrow, but it has arrived a day early across mobile platforms. That’s right—you can download it right this very minute, and why not? It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. You probably weren’t going to get anything else done this week anyway.

It’s also free, unlike (most 0f) Super Mario Run, so there’s really no reason not to—and no reason not to expect your entire family to spend Thanksgiving staring at their phones, customizing their characters, and running their own campsites. That’s the whole point of Pocket Camp, and it’s accomplished through helping out your animal neighbors to acquire the goods necessary for new furniture and buildings—all of which is uniquely attractive to different animal pals, who will drop by your fancy new digs as you monitor your “friendship level” with them.

You can also buy the materials to build up your campsite with real-world money, if you so choose. Animal Crossing’s laid back gameplay seems like a perfect fit for mobile platforms, and a free, accessible entry in the franchise on devices most people already own will likely boost the performance of future franchise entries (and maybe even previous ones) much like Pokémon GO did for Pokémon games.

It’s also just a much more adorable and fun thing to do on your phone than stare at a parade of terrible news, and … you already left to go download it and pretend the world doesn’t exist for a bit, didn’t you?

(via Polygon, image: Nintendo)

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