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The Trailer for the Angry Birds Movie You Forgot Was Coming Is as Bad as You’d Expect

"What did I just watch?"

Just when you thought it was safe and the whole Angry Birds craze had passed—well, not just, I guess. More like a year or two after, really. Long enough for you to say, “Oh, right. Angry Birds. I remember that.” Then—right then—the trailer for the Angry Birds movie was slingshotted into our unwilling faces.

And it certainly doesn’t look like the years it spent in development paid off. Reactions in the Mary Sue editorial chat went like this:

“OH GOD. [Link]

I forgot this was going to be a thing.”

“… also HOLY SHIT i ALSO forgot about the angry birds movie”

“wait WHAT”




“but seriously thoughWHAT THE HELL”

… and then we actually watched it, and things only got worse. Cue the first scene in the trailer being a bird getting all mad because a lady-bird isn’t interested in him. Sigh. Then there’s how the rest of the trailer seems like a parody of what a movie based on such a basic video game would be like.

Of course, we can’t judge the whole movie based on one trailer, but we can certainly judge the trailer:

David Tennat says,

(via Kotaku)

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