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Survey: 7 Out of 8 Developers Think Android Fragmentation Is a Problem

Google’s recent crackdown on Android implementations that aren’t meeting its standards of quality may have some advocates for platform openness crying foul, but a recent survey shows that Google’s concern is a legitimate one in the eyes of developers. According to Baird Research, which polled 250 devs, just 14% of developers don’t see Android fragmentation as a problem; more than half see it as either a “meaningful” or a “huge” problem. 71% of the developers surveyed said that they wrote apps for Android, versus 62% for iOS.

While device fragmentation was a major concern, “several respondents” also took issue with the lack of a truly unified store experience, like that of Apple’s App Store℠: “”Generally … developers seem to prefer a unified, single store experience like Apple’s App Store.” Will Google — or Amazon — heed their call?

(Fortune Tech via AppleInsider)

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