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Andrew Garfield’s Sandy GQ Photos Are Breaking the Internet

When it comes to the internet’s boyfriends, there are some who have been around for a long while—one of those being Andrew Garfield. When he made his splash into the mainstream as Eduardo Saverin in the David Fincher Facebook movie The Social Network, he became the talk of social media at the time, meaning there were plenty of gif sets of him on Tumblr, all ones that I reblogged. But the point is: He’s been known to break the internet, and now a new photoshoot did that to us all first thing this morning.

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Andrew Garfield did a new interview and photoshoot for British GQ, and while the piece itself is another insightful interview for the actor, it does come with shirtless Andrew Garfield pictures of him just standing in the desert with leather pants on.

Which has left many of us on Twitter yelling since the start of the day.

What’s honestly great about this interview though is that there’ll be these pictures of Garfield seemingly auditioning to be in the next Dune movie and then have incredibly deep quotes underneath them. But then again, it’s Andrew Garfield, so what did we expect? This is the way he always is, and it’s why we love him so.

Grief and sandy beaches

In the midst of Andrew Garfield lying in the sand and posing in leather pants, something that was truly iconic to wake up to, he talked candidly about grief again, and it continues to be a guiding light to those of us going through it. So often, a celebrity will briefly talk about these things that are incredibly vulnerable and then stop talking about it, but Garfield’s willingness to open up about how he’s still struggling with the death of his mother is partially why I think so many of us are drawn to him.

To me, as someone who is a fan of his work and also has lost a parent, it means a lot because I understand that grief and how it continues to be all consuming, even when the rest of the world has continued on. When he was asked about this fear of being left behind, he attributed it to his mother’s death and the knowledge that she’s gone and one day he will be, as well. “No. It makes me think about—and it’s funny, I’m sorry, but my reference point for everything now, I just go back to my mum not being here,” Garfield said. “I just go to that and what that means. It means I’m not gonna be here long, and we’re not gonna be here long. That doesn’t provide any answers, but it does feel like it sharpens an arrow of direction, in some mysterious way.”

Is it slightly funny having this quote coming after Andrew Garfield is just lying face down in the sand? A little.

The point is that while Andrew Garfield somehow manages to bring us all the hot pictures we could ask for, he also reminds us that he’s an incredibly vulnerable man and that just makes us love him even more.

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