Andrew Garfield Wants Miles Morales to Succeed His Peter Parker

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling
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Miles Morales was a huge moment in this character’s comic book life, and I do believe that we can do that. It’s something I’m really interested in figuring out; an eloquent way of co-existing, or passing on the torch. I don’t have an answer, but I think it’s actually a really important move. I think it’s a really beautiful and important move.

I want it to feel like a circle. I want the two ends to join, somehow. I don’t know what that means, yet. I don’t know what that means in terms of the quantity of Spider-Man movies I do. But I know that I don’t particularly want to be a 40-year-old Spider-Man. I do know that time is fleeting. — Andrew Garfield, to Comic Book Resources.

Andrew Garfield is no stranger to speaking out on the potential to broaden the representational value of Peter Parker by changing is race or sexuality. He came out unequivocally against folks threatening black actor Donald Glover over the idea that some folks thought he would make a good Peter Parker where other actors might have decided not to comment at all. He’s talked about the potential inherent in making Peter Parker a hero for the bisexual community by making Mary Jane a male character. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s given enough thought to Miles Morales, the biracial black/Puerto Rican kid who succeeded Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the alternate Ultimate Marvel universe after the latter’s untimely death, that he has a thoughtful answer ready. Though it does make me wish he, as an actor, had any control over the future of the Spider-Man franchise, if only to see what he’d do if he could put his money where his mouth is, so to speak.

(Comic Book Resources via Digital Spy.)

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