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Things We Saw Today: Andrew Garfield and Zendaya Break Down Acting on ‘Actors on Actors’

Andrew Garfield and Zendaya talking on Actors on Actors

Fans of Spider-Man: No Way Home, rejoice! The Actors on Actors between Andrew Garfield and Zendaya dropped today, and with it comes a lot of praise from Garfield on Zendaya’s performance as Rue in Euphoria and a wonderful conversation between two actors who clearly love unpacking their craft. It’s refreshing, fun, and we even get a little bit of insight into an inside joke from the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home, so a fun time all around! (The inside joke being that Tobey Maguire talked about his forearms and the two thought it was funny … that’s all.)

One of the most fascinating parts of the conversation happens towards the beginning, when Garfield brings up the episode of Euphoria where Rue is running away from her mother in the midst of also going through withdrawal. “I think it was Episode 5,” Garfield said. “It’s one of the most relentless episodes of television I’ve ever seen. I’m starting to get to know you better, but to have access to that kind of awfulness and the damage and pain, and to make it so human. I was like, ‘Are you OK?’ How did you make sure you were OK while you were doing that?”

Zendaya went on to talk about how she really appreciated everyone checking in on her after that episode and making sure that she, as Zendaya, was okay. “It’s tough. And I thought what was actually quite sweet was when that episode did air, I did get a lot of messages from people checking in on me, which I appreciated.”

You can watch their full conversation here:

(featured image: Screenshot from YouTube/Variety)

Here are some other stories we saw out there today:

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Anything we missed out there today, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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