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Things We Saw Today: Trailer for Andrew Callaghan’s Highly Anticipated HBO Documentary Drops

Channel 5 News Alert.

'This Place Rules' poster with Andrew in front of chaos. Image: HBO.

The reporting style of Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5 News can best be described as on-the-street interviews mixed with gonzo journalism. The 2021 Streamy award-winner’s ability to follow a story, no matter how wacky (and sometimes dangerous), has led him to some of the strangest places, from a pickup artist bootcamp to Hollywood Anti-Vax Rally. Like other viral journalists (along the lines of The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper, even though he’s focused on comedy), this approach took him to DC on January 6, 2021.

In collaboration with A24 and HBO, the Channel 5 team is releasing a documentary on the events leading up to the rally.

The most interesting part of this documentary isn’t the footage he got or the subject matter, but Callaghan himself. You get little glimpses of his personality via the editing and the transitions, but he uses a sort of deadpan expression and there is little to no analysis or consulting with experts. Sometimes it balances funny/scary, but other times I fear it’s doing real harm not to push back on anything with facts either on screen or in person, especially when it involves outright racism. Despite what fans say, this is not objective journalism because he allows outright lies to just hang in the air.

This is not an issue for Callaghan alone because most press does this and some experts/commentators are motivated by money and not the truth. But as I said, he goes into really dark places with subjects that could use that sometimes. That’s why this documentary interests me. His thoughts and reflections as a journalist seem to be what sets this documentary apart from one of his monthly uploads.

This Place Rules premieres December 30 on HBO and HBO Max.

(featured image: HBO)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

  • Following Brittney Griner’s release from a Russian prison, Paul Whelan’s family issues a statement. (via Sports Illustrated)
  • Polygon releases free 54 explainer zine on video game unionization. They also made it a non-commercial creative commons project so you can print and share it with friends. (via Polygon)
  • IPhone users that want to use/keep Twitter Blue might have to fork over $11 instead of $8. (via TechCrunch)
  • M3GAN premier features an interesting Taylor Swift crossover. (via Twitter)
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What did you see online today, Mary Suevians?

(image: HBO)

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