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Amy Poehler Stopped by Late Night to Mock Trump/Caesar Protests, Bring Us Infinite Joy

Amy Poehler has a lot of experience with politics. That may mostly extend to her excellent run on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and playing the world’s most lovable politician as Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, but that’s exactly the kind of experience required to take up the “Really!?” segment again to mock the protestors of the Trump-themed Julius Caesar production.

It’s great to see Poehler and Meyers at it again, even if it’s on a different show, in a time when so many others are content to play to “both sides.” It’s also just great to see Amy Poehler anytime, anywhere, because she’s earned a special place in our hearts, and there are a few more segments from her Late Night appearance on the show’s YouTube channel in case you need to take your mind off of things with some pure joy.

Meanwhile, if you’re all fired up after seeing Leslie Knope mock political protestors during Donald Trump’s presidency, there are certainly more serious issues to think about. Late Night also touched on the Senate Republicans’ super top secret healthcare plan (and so did Jimmy Kimmel), and by “healthcare plan,” I mean “plan to ruin healthcare.”

The plan is finally expected to be revealed this week before Republicans make a final push to ram it through Congress before public outcry can stop them, but details have begun to trickle out that suggest cuts to Medicaid at the very least—something Trump promised he wouldn’t do, though we’d be positively shocked if he actually stuck to anything he’s ever said. It’s also likely that Trumpcare will remove the requirement that insurers cover addiction treatment—in the middle of a massive opioid addiction crisis.

Speaking of Trump himself, he stated publicly that he doesn’t want a “poor person” making economic decisions in his cabinet and tried to make a case for why it’s OK—beneficial, even!—that his cabinet is full of super rich people to an unprecedented degree. Truly, we have never wished harder that Leslie Knope were a real person.

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